"The Difference Between a Good Photographer and a Bad One Is That a Good Photographer Never Shows You His Bad Images."

~Author Unknown

If some photographer ever tells you he never takes bad photos he’s full of shit!  I shoot over 300 images on every shoot and they all aren’t going to be perfect.  Whether its equipment malfunctions, user error (my most common), or something unforeseen, bad shots are just a part of the deal.  Starting with my own really bad self-portrait, here’s the page where I get to show off my bad ones.  Be sure to come back often as there are always plenty of bad ones!



With a little more light this would be a great shot of his shoes…except I’m trying to shoot him doing a pull-up!

Final Image I was going for…after several attempts!

Ambient light perfect!  Metered and front lit just right.  Model in a beautiful pose.  It’s all coming together, I got this. Time to shoot and CLICK… oh just right.  EXCEPT THAT MY ASSISTANT IS STANDING RIGHT BETWEEN MYSELF AND THE MODEL!!!

Here we go again… more perfect light and my model is looking beautiful.  Now would be a great time to take a picture of the makeup artist and no one paying any attention to what I’m doing!!!



Got my camera ready to go.  Getting the light and exposure dialed in just right. This home is going to look beautiful on the Multiple Listing Service, it will sell for top dollar, and the Realtor is going to refer me lots of business.  I’m ready for the shot and… the dog in the backyard decides its time to do his business!